Thursday, January 8, 2015

Asleep at the Wheel

Recently, I was driving my daughter to the dentist one morning after having just dropped my other three children at the bus stop, when I nodded off at the wheel. I, unknowingly drove right through an intersection, luckily the light was green! Then, my truck slammed into a curb, at which point I bolted awake and steered the truck into an adjacent McDonald's parking lot to inspect the damage. Both tires on the passenger side were destroyed, as well as, the rims. All in all, this momentary slip of consciousness cost me about $680. It could have cost me a lot more. I shudder at the more awful ways this could have gone done. What if the light had been red? What if I had drifted the opposite way into oncoming traffic? What if...?

The fact is that the medicines that I take to treat and prevent my chronic migraines make me sleepy. What do I do--stop driving? Maybe.

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