Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cloudy Days

Yesterday was a hard day. While eating lunch at home with my kids, I got really dizzy and my vision began to blur. My kids were worried. I was worried, but this phenomena was not new to me. I knew that this was the precursor to a killer migraine. Luckily, my oldest was able to keep track of my younger kids so I could go lay in bed for awhile. I only had time to lay down for about two hours before I had to get up to take my son to his baseball game. At that time, thankfully, my vision had returned to normal, but the head pain was severe. I took some meds and just pushed through it. I'm always pushing through it. It's one thing for me to miss out on life, but I cannot let my kids miss out on theirs. I hope one day I can enjoy life with them out from under a cloud of pain...

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