Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Patient

My hospital stay this time was 5 days. During that time I was mostly comfortable, though not pain-free. The first night was hell-I had a killer migraine and could not stop throwing up! To add insult to injury, the nurse was not at all pleasant, sympathetic or accommodating! I had to practically beg her to bring me something to throw up in because I was getting to weak to run to the bathroom every five minutes! She finally did bring me a container and emptied it angrily throughout the night. Very late in the night (or very early in the morning), I asked her to give me IV fluids, since, at this point I was throwing up bile or dry-heaving as I had not eaten in several hours and couldn't even keep the tiniest sip of water down.  She snickered and informed me that I did not need the fluids. I insisted; she begrudgingly obliged. And, ya know what?  I stop throwing up when I was about half way through the bag of fluids! As Dr. Phil would say, "This ain't my first rodeo!" I have been here many, many times, I knew the fluids would stop the vomiting. The migraine was still there, but, at least, I could now rest. After that first night, things got better. I skipped the classes that I had attended during my last two stays, and, instead, got a lot of rest. The sleep, even in that uncomfortable hospital bed, was blissful. I needed it. I did attend some of the more interesting classes and activities. The arts and crafts class was fun and relaxing, and I enjoyed Biofeedback, as well. I received three nerve blocks in the left side of my neck, and, at this point, I cannot say that I have noticed an impact on my migraines; however, my neck does feel a tad less stiff. The best thing is that I left there with the contact information of three new friends! I also left with a brand-new list of meds, both preventative and abortive. So far, I don't think they are working all that great. I am back to daily migraines, though, I have had less throwing up and nausea, in general. So, we shall see.

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