Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Lovely Bunch of Coconut...Water

Staying hydrated is absolutely essential in the battle of the migraine! I always thought I was getting plenty of water to drink. I drink my 8 glasses a day, so I figured that was enough. It isn't. I was taken to the ER about a month ago when I got really dizzy and my limbs felt heavy. They told me I was dehydrated. I was shocked! I didn't think being dehydrated could cause heavy limbs, and I really thought I was getting enough fluids. Since that day, I have been making sure that I never get dehydrated again. I drink tons of water and have started drinking two to three coconut waters every day. Coconut water tastes nasty, it is a wonderous thing! It hydrates much better than Powerade or Gatorade and contains massive amounts of potassium and magnesium! Since, adding coconut to my daily regimen, I have noticed a decrease in the frequency of killer migraines (I still get them, but, overall, the intensity is not that bad). Furthermore, I have noticed a reduction in feelings of nausea and dizziness. Pretty remarkable...

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