Friday, August 3, 2012

Migralex, now that's some BS!

Have the rest of you seen the ads for Migralex?  It is a supposed "break-through" drug created by a supposed "renowned is actually aspirin and magnesium oxide!!! Are you kidding me?! Most of the migraneurs I know are taking large amounts of Magnesium every day as a preventative and some have it injected or given intravaneously to treat, since when was magnesium and its effect on migraines news?  And, aspirin!--how freaking long has aspirin been around?! I can guarantee that we have all, at least once, reached for aspirin to treat a headache! If aspirin actually worked, we could have solved the migraine crisis ages ago! Does this quack Migralex creator really think that migraine sufferers are really that gullible? or desperate? or stupid? It really pisses me off!

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