Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gone...and Back again

This afternoon, a level 8/9 migraine struck me as I was driving home. Could it have been the sun in my eyes (even bothersome through my sunglasses), the change in the temperature (likely) or the three kids jovially talking in the back seat? Who knows? But it came and it pierced me right behind my eye and down my neck. My vision blurred on that ill-fated left side. I was glad to be close to home--it's not the safest thing to be carting about a car load full of kids with blurred vision--even in just one eye! We made it home, and I stuck my self with the painful Imitrex subcutaneous shot. And, within the hour, the pain had greatly subsided, and my kids and I were able to go about our day, dinner and what not. And, then....WHAM! It's back again! This life of chronic migraines is really getting old!

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