Friday, March 30, 2012

Butterbur and the Chiropractor

Butterbur is an herbal supplement that a lot of folks use to help prevent migraines. I don't know if I mentioned this before or not...migraine brain is a little dysfunctional lately...Anyway, I was thinking about giving it a whirl after reading several posts on my migraine forum  discussing the positive results a lot of people were having with it, and, then, I called my neuro and he actually recommended it. I have been taking 150mg of it for about two weeks now. So far, I am still getting the migraines everyday. I am not giving up on it yet, since "they" say that you have to give it a good three months before you know if it will work or not. So, we shall see...

I have been seeing the chiropractor again, 3 times a week for almost three weeks. I notice that when I have a migraine and he works on me, the migraine pain usually lessens afterwards. So, that is a plus. However, the days that I don't see him my neck and shoulders hurt like hell!--even more than they did before I started treatment with him! Also, several people on the forum shared some real horror stories about chiropractors, so I'm a freaking a bit! Again, I think I will give it a few months, and, if I'm still not seeing any real results, then, I will discontinue treatment and maybe try acupuncture.. I plan on seeing an herbalist soon, as well. I have had a few people recommend one to me, my chiro actually recommended I see an herbalist in conjunction with the chiropractic care. So, I will definitely be doing that, at some point in the near future.

I have been reading about some surgical options, as well. Pretty scary. But, I will discuss with my neuro at April's visit..

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  1. Sorry to hear what happened on your first attempt to seek help from a chiropractor. I think it would be good to consult your physical therapist about the problem. Even if you are under the chiropractor’s care, your day-to-day activities can also create stress that can affect your health. The chiropractor’s help is one way to lessen migraine, but your lifestyle is also a big factor that can help cure your migraine.

    Allie Bargas