Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Date Night Success

Saturday afternoon, the Hubster and I went out for a much-deserved, long-anticipated date. My girls were with their dad, and my dad had taken my son for the night, meaning all four of the kids were gone, a very rare event, indeed. Even though, I wasn't feeling the greatest, we had to seize this opportunity. I made sure I had my Zomig and Ibuprofen, slapped my sunglasses on, actually put on makeup and nice clothes, and we headed out to a movie, just the two of us. Hand in hand, we crossed the parking lot, and I ignored my tingling limbs and did my best to block out the strong smell in the foyer. Hubby bought popcorn and pop while I visited the ladies' room. I took a Zomig while in the ladies' room. Whatever the smell in the foyer was (stale popcorn? stale perfume?)  had triggered a migraine, it was a 4 already, I didn't want it to get worse. I did not tell my husband about the migraine or taking the Zomig, why ruin his fun or have him worry? Armed with our refreshments, we located our theatre and settled into our uncomfortable chairs. Luckily, the movie we had chosen was rather dark, so I didn't have to worry too much about bright lights exacerbating the migraine, and the Zomig did a good job of knocking it down. It was pretty much gone by the end of the movie. However, I was feeling really nauseous, dizzy, tingly all over and really, really tired.  Pretending not to be disappointed, Hubby hit the drive-thru on the way home rather than us going out for a nice dinner together. I felt a little guilt about that but could not wait to get home and lay down. The house was so quiet when we arrived home, it was surreal. We both enjoyed the silence immensely.  It may not have been a traditional "Date Night," but, in my book, given our challenges, I'd say it was a definite success.

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