Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Damned if I Do, Damned if...Well, you Get the Cliche..

Right now I've got a level 4/10 migraine pounding on the right side of my noggin, radiating down my neck. No aura preceded this one; it just appeared. My vision is a little blurred, I'm dizzy, my limbs are tingling, I've got my shades drawn and my shades on my face in the house to block out all possible light; my ears are ringing; I'm dead-ass tired and nauseous as hell. I haven't eaten today. I know that is part of my problem. The doctor is always telling me not to skip meals, but when you are nauseous all the time, that makes it really hard. and probably hork? Or not eat and probably make the headache worse?  Also, take meds now or wait to see if it gets worse? If I miss my window, the meds won't work at all, and I may end up with a level 10 killer migraine from hell and in the ER!  But, I'm trying to be good and not overuse my meds...

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