Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Visit to Neuro

I saw my neurologist yesterday. It didn't quite go as planned. I had expected to leave there not sticking with Topamax and not rescheduling for Botox. Wrong again, Ronald! My blood pressure was really high, 172/120 and the doc said that it being so high was probably adding to the migraines, not to mention the fact that I haven't been sleeping and have been severely depressed, both of which, he reminded me can lead to more headaches. "Yes, Doc, I know," I said, "but, the Topamax isn't working, I'm still getting migraines everyday! And my whole body hurts, is that the meds or because I'm depressed; I'm just so sick of being sick!" He indicated his understanding and explained that I was still on a lower dosage of the Topamax, and he didn't think we should abandon it yet; I could still go to a higher dosage. With some reservation, I agreed. As for the Botox, Doc explained that it could take up to three rounds of Botox before the patient notices any reductions in migraines, so he scheduled me for my second round of injections in April. Honestly, I do not know if I will keep this appointment. He also gave me enough blood pressure pills to last me until I see my cardiologist in two weeks and told me to talk to my psychiatrist ASAP about getting back on an antidepressant. That is something I am really trepidatious about; I don't have a  good track record with antidepressants, but I will talk to my psych about it.  So, when I got home, I took my 200 mg of Topamax and my blood pressure pill (hydrocholrothiazide 25mg) and stumbled around like a drunk until my family insisted I go lay down.  I hope the heavy limbs and drunk feeling will go away....


  1. As one who suffers from the occasional migraine, I can still only imagine what it must be like to live with them on a daily basis. I have a friend who is a frequent migraine sufferer and the botox really helps her. I hope you find your relief soon

  2. Thanks, Shari. I wish I could say Botox worked for me, though, I am glad to hear it helps somebody. : ) Thanks for taking a look at the blog. Happy thoughts for happy days in Blessdom : )