Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ditch Dopamax?

Two questions for today:

1.)  Should I stop taking Dopamax...uh..Topamax? As I mentioned before, the stuff doesn't work, and the side effects suck. So, why keep taking it? There really is no question of if, I suppose, the real question is, how? Do I have to wean myself down off of it or can I just quit it cold turkey like a cheap date? I'll have to do some research and put in a call to my neuro today...

2.) The second question of the day is:  Will I be able to make dinner for my family tonight??  Unfortunately, the answer to this question cannot be discovered through research or by making a phone call. Only The Migraine (yes, The Migraine)  knows the answer to this one. I haven't been able to cook a meal for my family in over a week! I know to some moms, this may sound like a vacation, and for a day or two, I wouldn't mind it, or at my choosing, I wouldn't mind it. But, that's the kicker, I have no choice. I have no control. I'm the Mama. I'm supposed to be in charge. I pride myself on cooking delicious, wholesome meals for my family, and whenever The Migraine decides to take over, all my plans go out the window, and I am grounded--sent to my room, in pain, without supper, so to speak. So not fair! Yesterday, I do have to say that I probably could have pulled off dinner but the hubby wanted Aurelio's pizza for his birthday. This was the first day I was physically able to cook since the 4th!

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