Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fish Tank Blues

I have a 20-gallon fish tank. I love it. It has beautiful little guppies in it. I breed them and sell the little guppy fry on eBay. Yes, you can sell live fish on eBay. Anyway, I love a fish tank. It's peaceful, tranquil, the gurgling sound of the bubbles, the soft light. Not with a migraine, it's not. Migraine makes you despise things you normally love, like the sun. Migraine has turned me into a vampire, I only go out at night, if at all. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, I was just about ready to start dinner. I was excited to try a new recipe, then, a migraine hit, and I was flat on my ass. I collapsed onto the couch, clutching my head, waiting for my husband to get home to give him dinner instructions so I could go lay in bed, another night lost to migraine. As I lay on the couch, I was assaulted by two things, first, the deafening noise coming from the freaking fish tank! I asked my daughter, "Is that fish tank always that loud?!" She said, looking at me kinda weird, "It's not loud, Mom." I figured she was probably right, but this thing sounded like a damn whirlpool! Second, the couch smell. It smelled very strongly of....couch! I know it sounds ridiculous! I feel absurd typing this now, but that couch smell was overwhelming! I could not lay there anymore. After instructing my 13 year old to look after her younger siblings, I retreated to my room and lay in my bed with my sleep mask on and my ear plugs in to await my husband's arrival.

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